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CCAM Seminar

From March 10, 2017 15:00 until March 10, 2017 16:00

At 800 N. State College Blvd , 92834 , Fullerton , California , United States

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Dr. Marcelo Tolmasky (CSU Fullerton) – The Superbugs Are Among Us, Can We Beat Them?

Seminar Topic

The superbugs are among us. Can we beat them?

Antibiotic resistance has been identified as a major threat to human health. Its rise not only complicates treatment

of infectious diseases but also threatens medical procedures like surgery, transplants or chemotherapy, which

depend on prevention of infection. Several pathogens have become resistant to many different antibiotics and in

some cases they are virtually untreatable. While in the past when one antibiotic became ineffective there was

always a newer one that was, in the present times the number of new antibiotics in development is dangerously

low. We have designed our research project to combat the growing problem of antibiotic resistance by prolonging

the effectiveness of currently available antibiotics. In particular we concentrate on antibiotics of the family of

aminoglycosides. We have determined the most clinically relevant mechanism of resistance to the amikacin and

other related antibiotics, and how the gene coding for resistance disseminates. We are researching strategies to

design adjuvants that when administered in combination with amikacin circumvent the resistance, restoring the

effectiveness to the treatment.