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Campus Honors the Achievements of Faculty, Staff and Administrators for Years of Services


5 Years of Service

Kevin Nichols

10 Years of Service

Alain Bourget

15 Years of Service

Alfonso Agnew

Kathy J. Lewis

Scholars Team Up to Train Students in Emerging Field - See more at:
Scholars Team Up to Train Students in Emerging Field - See more at:

CNSM Faculty and Staff Awards 2017


The CNSM faculty 2017 awardees were acknowledged at the College Awards Reception, Thursday, April 20, 2017.  A sincere thanks to the CNSM Faculty Awards Committee for a job well done.  Congratulations to Dr. Cherie Ichinose for her recognition for Outstanding Teaching!



In Memoriam - Dr. Mario Martelli

Outstanding Professor Award honoree Dr. Mario Martelli, emeritus professor of mathematics, passed away on December 30, 2016 at the age of 79.

Recognizing Faculty Teaching Efforts

Congratulations to the five mathematics faculty members who were recognized at the University Faculty Recognition Ceremony on Wedensday, October 26, 2016 for their efforts creating community-based research opportunities, guiding student research, incorporating technology into the classroom, mentoring and co-authoring papers.

Dr. Todd CadwalladerOlsker

For the past six years Dr. Todd CadwalladerOlsker has been a leader in the Department of Mathematics in developing the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program. He serves as the SI math faculty liaison to the SI Center and is responsible for all aspects of SI development, including recruiting and training SI leaders. Dr. “C” regularly teaches both graduate courses for future teachers as well as SI-based courses such as calculus. Ninety percent of his SOQ student ratings are consistently in the highest two catagories, and students recognize that he cares deeply about their success. Dr. C is committed to CSUF’s pledge to help Titans reach higher by his continued efforts to broaden high-impact practices such as Supplemental Instruction.

Jolene Fleming

Jolene Fleming’s use of high-impact practices has increased student learning, engagement and achievement
in the Math 115 (College Algebra) and Math 125 (Pre-calculus) courses. Fleming implemented the high-impact practice of a flipped classroom beginning in spring 2014 and has participated in the Office of the Provost’s high- impact practice training since fall 2015. Upon earning a grant from the Chancellor’s office to sustain success with the Math 115 and Math 125 courses, she trained 12 part-time faculty instructors to implement the flipped model. The training includes a pre-semester flipped model in-person preparation course and peer observations. Fleming observed the instructors in their classrooms and invited them to observe her as well. This professional development has expanded the reach of the high-impact practice to a total of 21 sections of Math 115 and Math 125 and over 700 students per semester.

Dr. Thomas Murphy

Dr. Tom Murphy emphasizes conceptual understanding and real-world applicability, while balancing technical competence. He has students engage in small group work, collaborate, and reflect on their learning. Dr. Murphy sets and communicates high expectations, requiring a significant investment of time and effort for his courses, but then provides ample opportunity for students to discuss mathematics with him. He provides meaningful feedback to improve their performance and understanding. The number of students attending office hours, talking with him outside of class, and choosing to enroll in another course with him evidence Dr. Murphy’s effectiveness. He also has recruited and mentored several research students to engage in original mathematical research on open and interesting problems as is expected of professional mathematicians. These are high-impact practices.

Dr. Matthew Rathbun

In the three years that Dr. Matthew Rathbun has been at CSUF, he has raised academic standards and created a substantial record of student success though innovative teaching methodology and active outreach. A notable example of this has been his sterling work with his mentee Evan Amoranto; their cutting-edge work will soon be released as a joint peer-reviewed publication. Dr. Rathbun has also been centrally involved in improving student engagement in research seminars and colloquia, thus boosting the culture of emphasizing high-impact educational practices for our students. Dr. Rathbun has achieved excellent evaluations whilst simultaneously challenging his students. His emphasis on group work and reflective writing forces students to actively engage with the subject. Students value his high standards and insistence on rigor. Dr. Rathbun has been centrally involved in new course designs, and also has substantially revised the content taught in several upper level courses.

Dr. Laura Smith

Dr. Laura Smith is a tremendous teacher-scholar who has integrated her research into her classroom instruction. Her classes epitomize high-impact practices as she provides lower-division students with a combination of exquisitely constructed lectures and memorable active learning activities, while guiding students in the major with collaborative project-based learning assignments inspired by research questions obtained from her contacts in local industries. Her students finish knowing how to program, conduct research, write, edit, and revise—essential skills for our graduates. Laura has revitalized our applied mathematics concentration with her commitment to student mentoring. Whereas most department members work hard to support two or three research students at a time, Laura has mentored well over twenty during the past three years. She is a supportive colleague always willing to share her teaching materials, listen to our teaching issues, offer positive feedback, and give constructive advice. Dr. Smith typifies the CSU Fullerton ideal. 

Faculty Accomplishments

From left are Geoffrey Lovelace, Joshua Smith, Jocelyn Read, and Alfonso Agnew.

CSUF researchers, including our very own Dr. Alfonso Agnew, are among scientists worldwide who have confirmed a major prediction of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. From the left are Geoffrey Lovelace, Joshua Smith, Jocelyn Read, and Alfonso Agnew.  See more here: Gravitational Waves, A Cosmic Discovery

Dr. Adam Glesser had his paper, “Jay Leno and Abstract Algebra,” published in the January 2016 Journal of Humanistic Mathematics with Dr. Martin Bonsangue. Jaywalking, showing ordinary people struggling to answer basic questions, is both entertaining and applicable to teaching. This article describes how an instructor can strengthen students’ conceptual understanding by creating an element of confusion, or cognitive dissonance, in the students’ minds using Jaywalking-style interactions in the classroom.

Dr. Martin Bonsangue, professor of mathematics, and Dr. Harris Shultz, professor emeritus of mathematics, had their paper, "Pythagorean Cuts," published in Convergence by the Mathematical Association of America in December 2015.

Dr. Scott Annin’s monograph "A Gentle Introduction to the American Invitational Mathematics Exam" has been published by the Mathematical Asosciation of America. 

Dr. Martin Bonsangue, professor of mathematics, and Dr. Harris Shultz, professor emeritus of mathematics, published “In Search of Al-Khwarizimi: On Completing the Square,” in the fall 2015 issue of the MathAMATYC Educator. The journal is published bi-annually by the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges, a branch of the Mathematics Association of America.

Dr. Agnew and mathematics students Amy Feaster and Eric Flynn were awarded a Pacific Math Alliance “Undergraduate Research Group Grant” based on their proposal “On an Extension of the Manifold Concept.”

Scholars Team Up to Train Students in Emerging Field


Dr. Sam Behseta is collaborating on the "Big Data Discovery and Diversity Through Research Education Advancement and Partnerships" program with Dr. Archana J. McEligot, professor of health science, and Dr. Math Cuajungco from Biology.

American Mathematical Society

CSUF hosted the Fall Western Sectional Meeting of the AMS on October 24-25, 2015 and many of our faculty helped organize the talks:

AMS Special Sessions

Special Session on Algebraic and Combinatorial Structures in Knot Theory
Matt Rathbun

Special Session on Analysis on Metric Spaces (in honor of Fred Gehring on the occasion of his 90th birthday)
Zair Ibragimov

Special Session on Applied Mathematics in Industry: In Memory of Professor John G. Pierce (1942-2015)
Charles H. Lee
Angel R. Pineda

Special Session on Mathematical Techniques in Quantum Theories and Quantum Finance, with applications
Alfonso F Agnew

Special Session on Mathematicians and Outreach Programs
Bodgan D. Suceava

Special Session on Recent Advances in Finite Groups and their Representations
Adam Glesser

Special Session on Recent Advances in Number Theory
Christopher Lyons

Special Session on Recent results in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras
Hassan Yousefi

Special Session on Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Neuronal Data
Reza Ramezan
Sam Behseta

Special Session on Spectral Asymptotics of Large Matrices
Alain Bourget
Tyler McMillen

Special Session on Strategies of Training Pre-Service Teachers
Margaret Kidd
Cherie Ichinose
David Pagni
Bogdan D. Suceava

Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Adam Glesser's paper, "On the Inverse Curvature Problem," with Dr. Bogdan Suceava and mathematics undergraduate student James Shade appears in the newest issue (May 2015) of the College Mathematics Journal. 

Dr. Anael Verdugo is presenting My Personal Journey through Mathematics at the Discovery Science Center on May 1, 2015 from 3:30 - 6:30pm.


Two of our faculty members were recognized for thier accomplishments during the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Awards Reception held in the Titan Student Union Pavillions on Thursday, April 30, 2015:

Distinguished Faculty: Dr. Scott Annin

Outstanding Teaching:Dr. Armando Martinez-Cruz

Picture 1:  Dr. Scott Annin; Picture 2:  Dr. Armando Martinez-Cruz with CNSM Interim Dean David Bowman


Dr. Vuryl Klassen delivered a talk titled Complex Analysis, Fluid Flows, and Conformal Mappings in the Math Colloquium and Seminar Speakers series at Fullerton College on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. 

Abstract:  Complex numbers and their properties will be introduced. Vector properties of complex numbers and their geometric representations will be illustrated. Complex valued functions will be discussed as well as their applications to two dimensional fluid flows. L.M. Milne-Thomson's Circle Theorem will be stated. Most of this material should be easily understood by calculus students. Real world problems will be given where conformal mappings can be utilized to give solutions to ideal free surface problems.


Dr. Bogdan Suceava delivered a talk titled On strongly minimal Kahler sufaces in C^3 in the Differential Geometry Seminar at UC Irvine on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

Credential Program Overview

Dr. Cherie Ichinose and Dr. Margaret Kidd organized an informal discussion on Wednesday April 15, 2015, where interested students could talk to current credential students, SI Leaders, S.M.A.R.T. Girls, and graduate students about getting into the Teaching Credential Program.

The event was a great success as students learned everything they ever wanted to know about teaching!

Faculty Accomplishments

Professor Gita Alemansour was honored at the Faculty Recognition Reception at the Irvine Campus on Thursday March 26, 2015 where she received both the Outstanding Teaching Award and the Student Choice Award. 

Gita Alemansour


Dr. Chris Lyons is presenting The Tate Conjecture for surfaces with $p_g=q=1$ and $K^2=2$ in the Special Session on Arithmetic Geometry, I at the Spring Western Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society that is being held at University of Nevada, Las Vegas on April  18-19, 2015


Dr. Armando Martinez-Cruz is attending the National Council of Teachers of Mathematic's Annual Meeting and Exposition on April 15-18, 2015 in Boston where he will be presenting GeoGebra + Complex Number Arithmetic: Implementing CCSSM in the 9-12 session. 

Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Scott Annin served on a panel discussing Supervising Undergraduate Research at the Mathematical Association of America's SoCal-Nevada Spring Section Meeting/Pacific Coast Undergradute Mathematics Conference on Super Pi Day, March 14, 2015.
Two of our faculty members are attending the Spring Central Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society that is being held at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI on March 14-15, 2015:

Dr. Bodgan Suceava is organizing the Special Session on Recent Advances in the Geometry of Submanifolds, Dedicated to the Memory of Franki Dillen (1963-2013) 

In this session, Dr. Tommy Murphy delivers the presentation Total geodesic submanifolds in Riemannian geometry
Dr. Angel Pineda is attending the International Mathematical Union's meeting of the Committee of Developing Countries in Berlin, Germany on March 10-15, 2015, where he will help set the agenda for the efforts of the IMU in mathematical development for developing countries for the next four years.
Dr. Cherie Ichinose attended the 42nd Annual Conference of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning in Las Vegas, NV on February 1 – March 3, 2015 where she presented Flipping College Algebra to Increase Student Engagement and Achievement. 

Joint Mathematics Meetings 

Several Math Faculty attended and presented at the American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America's Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, TX on January 10-13, 2015:

MAA Session on Using Flipping Pedagogy to Engage Students in Learning Mathematics, I
Flipping College Algebra to Increase Student Engagement and Achievement
Jennifer Clinkenbeard and Cherie Ichinose

MAA Session on Using Flipping Pedagogy to Engage Students in Learning Mathematics, II
Jay Leno and Abstract Algebra
Adam Glesser

AMS-MAA Special Session on History of Mathematics, I (in memory of Ivor Grattan-Guinness, 1941-2014)
Remarks on N. Oresme's Definition of Curvitas
Bogdan D. Suceava and Isabel Serrano

MAA General Contributed Paper Session on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
On Sophie Germain's Essays
Christina Tran and Bogdan D. Suceava

MAA Session on Perspectives and Experiences on Mentoring Undergraduate Students in Research, II
New Curvature Invariants: a Research Topic Suitable to Undergraduate Students
Bogdan D. Suceava

MAA Session on What Makes a Successful Math Circle: Organization and Problems, I
Fullerton Mathematical Circle: The First Three Years
Bogdan D. Suceava

MAA Session on Ethnomathematics: A Tribute to Marcia Ascher, I
Discovering Universal Connections in Mathematics Through Native American Culture
Charles Peter Funkhouser and Harriet C. Edwards

MAA Poster Session on Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education
Native American-based Mathematics Materials for Integration into Undergraduate Courses
Charles Peter Funkhouser and Harriet C. Edwards

MAA Subcommittee on Research by Undergraduates Panel Discussion
Undergraduate research: View points from the student side
Organizer: Angel Pineda
Panelist: Alejandro Camacho

California Mathematics Council - South

Dr. Cherlyn Converse, Dr. Margaret Kidd, Dr. Armando Martinez-Cruz and graduate student Ross Morrow will be presenting at the California Mathematics Council – South Annual Mathematics Conference in Palm Springs on October 24-25, 2014:

Algebra in Disguise:  That's Magic

Cherlyn Converse & Bianca Converse

In this interactive session participants have fun exploring the algebra behind new card tricks and other “magic.”  This is a way to capture students’ attention and enhance critical thinking to build Competent and Confident Problem Solvers.

CSU-MTEP:  A Session for Sharing Ideas and Giving Input

David Pagni & Margaret Kidd

A CSU and Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership session. Learn more about participating in this powerful partnership. Hear feedback from participants of the Convening and ideas about the future work of campus partnering in RACs, etc. 

CAMTE Information Session and Meeting

Margaret Kidd

Join us to find out the exciting things that the California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators is doing! Officers will be there to give you details of what the association is doing to improve mathematics education for California students.

Transformational Geometry with GeoGebra

Armando Martinez-Cruz & Ross Morrow III

We will engage in transformational geometry (reflections, rotations, slides and dilations) with GeoGebra, and geometric and algebraic connections. Handouts and CD provided. No software familiarity needed. Bring your laptop. 

Similarity with GeoGebra

Ross Morrow III & Armando Martinez-Cruz

We will explore and discuss the concept of similar figures with GeoGebra (dynamic geometry software). Handouts and CD provided. No familiarity with the software is needed. Bring your laptop.

American Mathematical Society

Dr. Tommy Murphy and Dr. Bogdan Suceava are attending the Fall Western Section Meeting of the American Mathematical Society at San Francisco State University on October 25 – 26, 2014.  Both Dr. Murphy and Dr. Suceava will be presenting in a Special Session on Geometry of Submanifolds:

Dr. Murphy will be presenting Complex Riemannian foliations of Hermitian locally symmetric spaces on Saturday, October 25th at 9:30 am.

Dr. Suceava will be presenting Curvature estimates based on various classes of algebraic inequalitites on Sunday, October 26th at 8:00 am.


Dr. Laura Smith and Dr. Anael Verdugo are attending the 2014 Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science  (SACNAS) National Conference "Creativity, Vision, & Drive:  Toward Full Representation in STEM" at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend, October 16-18, 2014, where five CSUF undergraduate mathematics majors are presenting their research:

An Agent-Based Approach to Modeling Police Patrol Strategies and their Effects on Crime

Alejandro Camacho, Hye Rin Lee, Laura Smith, Carlos Zambrano

Segmenting Images Through Representation as a Content-Rich Network

Yanira Corvera, Laura Smith

Construction of a Dynamic Model of Iron Metabolism From Experimental Data

Naarai Garcia, Anael Verdugo

Dr. Verdugo will also be presenting Mathematical Modeling of Iron Metabolism in the Special Session on Mathematical Application in Physiology on Saturday, October 18th at 4:10 pm.

Graduate Readiness and Access in Mathematics

GRAM is a four-year, $600,000 NSF grant designed to support CSUF math majors from under-represented groups who have the potential and interest in graduate study in the mathematical sciences.  This support includes intensive mentoring, special course work, GRE preparation, research experience, conference participation, and involvement of the families of the GRAM students to help overcome traditional barriers to success.  The grant includes an important assessment component to measure the impact of these programs on our students, and it will provide a variety of opportunities for the involvement of faculty members in the CSUF math department. 

Field of Dreams Conference

Dr. Scott Annin and seven math majors with aspirations to pursue a Ph.D. degree in mathematics (Ulysses Alvarez, Casey Cao, Joseph Chavoya, Asha Cyrs, Kevin Gomez, Leonila Lagunes, and Fernando Quintino) are attending the Field of Dreams Conference and Graduate Fair in Tempe, AZ (November 1—3, 2013), sponsored by the National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences.  Dr. Annin will serve on a panel “Transition from Undergraduate School to Graduate Programs” on Saturday, November 2.

Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Angel Pineda gave a talk titled "Task- Based Optimization in Medical Imaging" at the Medical Imaging Seminar Series at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, September 3, 2013.

Dr. Bogdan Suceava, published the volume “Memoirs from an Ideal Library” (in Romanian), with Polirom Press. The work includes a discussion of the role that geometry plays in the contemporary society. In particular, the book analyzes the content included in the undergraduate courses presented to pre-service teachers, and traces the history of several major themes developed in geometry over several centuries. This work was presented in Romania at several universities in Cluj-Napoca, Brașov, Sibiu, Târgu-Mureș, and discussed in several TV and radio interviews. Publisher’s website (in Romanian): catalog/carte/memorii-din-biblioteca-ideala-4946/  

Dr. Zair Ibragimov, Dr. Bogdan Suceava, and Dr. Laura Smith are attending the Western Fall Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society at UC Riverside on November 2-3, 2013. Dr. Ibragimov will be a co-organizer of the "Special Session on Analysis and Geometry of Metric Spaces" and Dr. Bogdan Suceava is co-organizing the "Special Session on Geometric Analysis." Dr. Smith's research on Spectral Clustering with Epidemic Diffusion is being presented by a co-author.