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Rathbun, Matt

Rathbun, Matt

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Davis


MH 160B

Office Hours

Spring 2017: M:4:00-5:00pm; T:10:00-11:00am; W:2:00-3:00pm


(657) 278 - 7697


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Rathbun obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2010 from University of California, Davis, and was recently a Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London, after spending two years as a Research Associate there, and one year as a Research Training Grant Postdoctoral Instructor at Michigan State University. A native of California, his teaching experience includes algebra classes at Sacramento City College, and more advanced Axiomatic Geometry, Higher Geometry, and Abstract Algebra courses at Michigan State University. Dr. Rathbun co-designed and taught for Imperial College London a course on Mathematical Biology, where knot theory and graph theory are used to model biological and chemical systems. His research interests are in low dimensional topology, particularly 3-manifolds, knot theory and applications to DNA topology.

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