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The Department of Mathematics offers a standard undergraduate major program in mathematics with concentrations in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, probability and statistics and teaching mathematics.  The B.A. in Mathematics requires 61-65 units in the major, plus 51 units of General Education and 4-8 units of electives.  Each course required in the major must be passed with a C (2.0) or better and may not be taken on a Credit/No Credit basis.

 Core Courses (25 units)

Math 150A Calculus I  (4 units) 
Math 150B Calculus II  (4 units)
Math 250A Calculus III (4 units)
Math 250B Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (4 units)
Math 280 Strategies of Proof (3 units)
Math 307 Linear Algebra (3 units)
Math 350 Advanced Calculus (3 units)


Other Requirements

In addition to the core courses and a concentration, the requirements include a 9-11 unit cognate designed to complement or enhance your math courses. Lastly, there are the campus-wide computer programming and upper division writing requirements. Read more....