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Credential Coursework

The credential program normally requires two semesters of coursework:

In the Extern Semester (First Semester), candidates complete 250 hours of fieldwork and are gradually inducted into the student teaching experience in an environment of collegiality and support. They become familiar with their master teachers and the characteristics, programs, and cultures of their school assignments. They also attend weekly seminars on general pedagogy (EDSC 440S), content-specific methods (MAED 442), and teaching English learners (EDSC 410). Throughout the program, candidatures develop skills and knowledge to meet the California Teaching Performance Expectations. They are observed twice by a University Supervisor and complete two of the Teaching Performance Assessments: Subject-Specific Pedagogy and Designing Instruction.

In the Student Teaching Semester, (Second Semester) of the program, each student teacher takes full control of three classes per day for 18 weeks and has a conference and preparation period. During this semester, candidates attend a weekly content-specific seminar (449S), are observed periodically by their University Supervisor and complete the remaining teaching performance assessments: Assessing Learning and Culminating Teaching Experience Task.