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The following goals and learning outcomes have been established for students
pursuing a degree in Mathematics:

Broad Concepts
1. All majors should achieve mastery of basic mathematical ideas and techniques
ranging across the following fields – Single and Multivariate Calculus, Algebra,
Analysis, Probability/Statistics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Modeling
2. All majors should achieve an understanding of the nature of proof

Specific Skills
1. Demonstrate the ability to think analytically and critically and to formulate
problems, solve them, and interpret their solutions
2. Demonstrate the ability to use technological tools: e.g., algebraic and visualization
software, statistical packages, a high-level programming language
3. Demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge from one branch of mathematics to
another and from mathematics to other disciplines
4. Demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematics both orally and in writing

Mastery of information competence skills
1. Determine the nature and extent of information needed
2. Access information through both print and electronic data systems
3. Analyze and evaluate the credibility and completeness of information sources
4. Select, integrate, and synthesize information retrieved to accomplish a purpose
5. Acknowledge copyrighted material and intellectual property
6. Communicate the product effectively to others