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Mathematics is a universal language.  Applied mathematics combines the beauty and function of mathematics to help us understand and improve the world around us.  Since mathematics is universal, it can be applied anywhere.  This is a particularly exciting aspect of applied mathematics.  Applied mathematicians help to design satellites, explain how our mind works and improve MRI machines.  Applied mathematics allows one to find patterns that are common to many disciplines with a unifying mathematical structure.  A problem in neuroscience sometimes has the same mathematical structure as doing an internet search!  Applied mathematics allows one to make that connection. 

The Department of Mathematics at California State University, Fullerton offers a graduate program in applied mathematics leading to the Master of Arts Degree.  The program is intended for individuals who are seeking or who currently hold positions that involve mathematical or quantitative applications.  It was developed in consultation with mathematicians and scientists in the local industrial community.  The coursework emphasizes modern applied mathematics, modeling, and computation.  Every class involves the use of modern interactive software for numerical computation and simulation modeling, including MATLAB and R.  Graduates have gone on into successful careers in industry and in teaching at the college level.  Several have also obtained advanced degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science.