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Fall Semester (first year)

Math 489A, B – Applicable Analysis and Linear Algebra

Preparation for Graduate Coursework in Applied Mathematics

A Survey of Linear Algebra and Analysis

Finite and Infinite Dimensional Vector Spaces

Linear Transformations and Matrices

Normed and Inner Product Spaces

Contractive Maps and Fixed Point Iteration

The Projection Theorem and Applications

Initial and Boundary – Value Problems

Series Solutions, Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions

Fourier Analysis, Generalized Functions

Spring Semester

Math 501A, B – Numerical Analysis and Computation

Linear and Nonlinear Systems of Equations

Numerical Linear Algebra

Interpolation and Approximation with Applications to Numerical Differentiation,

Integration and Function Evaluation

Numerical Solutions of Ordinary and Partial  Differential Equations

Spline Functions and the Finite Element Method

Error Analysis, Comparison and Limitations of Algorithms

Summer Term

Math 502A, B – Probability and Statistics

Probability Models

Univariate & Multivariate Distributions


Sampling Theory

Statistical Estimation

Bayesian Methods

Hypothesis Testing

Introduction to Linear Models

Fall Semester (second year)

Math 503A, B – Mathematical Modeling & Simulation

Mathematical Methods used in the Development and Analysis of Mathematical Models in Science and


Dimensional Analysis, and Mathematical Modeling based on Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations

Application of Probability Models and Statistical Methods in Engineering and Operations Research

Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Including Topics in Signal and Image Processing

Monte Carlo Simulation           

Spring Semester

Math 597 – Graduate Project

The culminating experience is a project, which replaces the standard comprehensive examinations or thesis requirements. Students work in teams on projects that are sponsored and funded by local industrial firms.  Each team is supervised by a faculty member.  The project is intended to provide a realistic industrial-like experience, complete with deadlines and a written final report, where students can put what they have learned to work, and where success is based on individual initiative, teamwork, and communication skills.