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Graduates from the master’s program in applied mathematics have a broad range of career options.  Recent graduates work in industry as scientific programmers, go into doctorate programs in applied mathematics, statistics, or engineering, as well as become teachers in community colleges.  The problem solving skills along with the mathematical and computing knowledge obtained through coursework are valued by employers and graduate schools.

Employers of applied mathematicians include aerospace companies (e.g. Boeing), biotech companies (e.g. Amgen), financial companies (e.g. PIMCO), internet companies (e.g. Google) and research laboratories (e.g. NASA).  The beauty of applied mathematics is that it is both interesting and useful.  Because of this, applied mathematicians are hired by a huge range of companies.  More information about the types of jobs available to applied mathematicians can be found in the careers website of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM):