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Students entering the program are expected to have the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. The teaching option requires 30 units of graduate study approved by the graduate committee. The following course work must be included:

  • MATH 581: Studies in Geometry (3)
  • MATH 582: Studies in Algebra (3)
  • MATH 584: Studies in Analysis (3)
  • MATH 586: Studies in Discrete Mathematics (3)
  • MATH 587: Studies in Mathematical Problem Solving (3)
  • MATH 599: Independent Graduate Research (3-6)

Each student will be required to take advisor-approved mathematics electives to meet the 30-unit requirement. Possible elective courses include:

  • MATH 580: Studies in Mathematics History (3)
  • MATH 583: Topics in Statistics (3)
  • Other courses may be taken with the approval of the graduate advisor.

Finally, all students must pass a set of four comprehensive exams. Comprehensive exams may be taken at most twice.