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Welcome to GRAM (download PDF brochure)

The Graduate Readiness and Access in Mathematics (GRAM) program offers comprehensive training and preparation for undergraduate math majors aspiring to earn a graduate degree in the mathematical sciences (mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics).  Elements include rigorous content preparation aimed at mathematical readiness for graduate studies, training for general and subject GREs, training in problem-solving skills, undergraduate research, participation in a variety of professional conferences, cultural and family support, financial support for GRAM Scholars to decrease their work outside of academic activities, and professional development that includes guidance on graduate school applications and decisions, time and stress management, collaboration and networking skills, and skills tied to writing, reading, discussing, and exploring mathematics effectively.  Selected GRAM Scholars will be engaged in two years of intensive supplemental training to support their graduate school aspirations. This training will include a regular seminar, a research project guided by a faculty mentor in the CSUF Department of Mathematics, and a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) component that will advance mathematical research. The participants will present their results at conferences and publish them in appropriate venues.  They will also produce a GRAM thesis at the conclusion of the program. 


Application for pre-GRAM course Math 281 (download PDF brochure)

Please submit this completed application form by: Monday, November 27, 2017 at 5:00 pm

The application form should be returned to: Math Department Office, MH-154

Or return via email to: or

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GRAM Principal Investigators 

Annin Scott2   Verdugo

Dr. Scott Annin, Mathematics

Algebra, Noncommutative Ring Theory


Dr. Anael Verdugo, Applied Mathematics

Nonlinear Dynamics, Differential Equations, Systems Biology




GRAM Faculty


Nicholas Brubaker: Dr. Brubaker is an applied mathematician. He is interested in using mathematical modeling and tools of applied analysis to characterize phenomena arising in small-scale systems, especially those involving a unique interplay of fluids, electrostatics, and elasticity. 


Glesser Adam   

Adam Glesser: Dr. Glesser is an algebraist. He is interested in fusion systems, a categorical structure that unites aspects of group theory, representation theory, and algebraic topology. He is interested in issues related to college-level mathematics education. 


GRAM Jaynes

Jessica Jaynes: Dr. Jaynes is a statistician. Her primary research interests include statistical mehotds and applications, experimental design, and discrete choice experiments. Her recent projects include, the development of a new class of designs that provide higher efficiency, more in-depth analyses, and require a shorter time to run; applications of fractional factorial designs for Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 and lipid accumulation for algae growth. Most recently, she has worked on the design of a discrete choice experiment for health care studies. 


Nichols 100 125   

Kevin Nichols: Dr. Nichols' research interests are spatial/temporal statistics and their applications to earthquake and wildfire data.



Reza Ramezan:  Dr. Ramezan is interested in interdisciplinary collaboration, conducting research in the juncture of statistics and neuroscience. He is especially interested in computational statistics, multivariate analysis, applied stochastic processes, multiscale modeling, neuroinformatics, and applications of statistics in neuroscience.



Laura Smith: Dr. Smith is interested in crime modeling, dynamical systems, complex networks, variational methods, image processing, and social media modeling. 



GRAM Scholars

Class of 2017-2019

GRAM Arredondo

Angelica Arredondo:  Angelica is currently pursuing a degree in applied mathematics. She is doing a research project with Dr. Nicholas Brubaker and Breanna. After getter her bachelors, she hopes to get accepted into a Ph.D. program and pursue her interest in research and teaching. In the future, she wants to be a college professor and help students get involved and informed about all the wonderful things mathematics has to offer. She wants to be a professor who can open doors to students wanting to major mathematics. She also wants to get more women involved being that this major is mostly dominated by men. In her free time, she enjoys going to the movies, going out to eat, and listening to music.

GRAM Hernandez  

Roberto Hernandez:  Roberto is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in applied mathematics. He aspires to got to graduate school and eventually become a professor so that he can inspire future undergraduate students looking to engage in their own research. He is currently working on a new research project under the supervision of Dr. Laura Smith as a GRAM scholar. In his spare time he enjoys looking at mathematical patters, hiking, and playing soccer. 

GRAM Hooper 

Cameron Hooper:  Cameron is a computational applied mathematics major who works in Dr. Paula Hudson's analytical chemistry lab at CSUF studying prominent atmospheric compounds and their effects on the climate. He is an LSAMP and GRAM research scholar who is conducting two separate projects under the supervision of Dr. Laura Smith, one of which includes his work from Dr. Hudson's lab. His goal after receiving his undergraduate degree is to further his education in graduate school and study applied mathematics. In his downtime, Cameron can be found avidly lifting weights, hiking, singing, or playing with his dogs. 

 GRAM McBean

Breanna McBean: Breanna is pursuing an undergraduate degree in applied mathematics and is in the University Honors Program at CSUF. She is also on the executive board of the Math Club and S.M.A.R.T. Girls Club on campus and hopes to encourage more women to enter the field of mathematics through these organizations. She aspires to attend graduate school and become a professor. She is working in GRAM under the guidance of applied mathematician Dr. Nicholas Brubaker. In her free time, she enjoys long-distance running, weightlifting, and exploring new places. 

GRAM Palafox 

Ricardo Palafox:  Ricardo is double majoring in Psychology and Mathematics (Probability and Statistics concentration) with a minor in Computer Science. His interest in the use of quantitative data sparked early in his years as a psychology major, but the real catalyst was the exposure to actuarial sciences during his time as an insurance professional. This interest led to a shift in academic trajectory and the desire to pursue a career where he may employ statistical methods. He plans to pursue graduate studies in a Statistics or Biostatistics Ph.D. program. His current research under the mentorship of Dr. Jessica Jaynes focuses on applications of experimental designs. Outside of academics, Ricardo thoroughly enjoys spending the day at high performance driving events and other automotive enthusiast gatherings.

GRAM Toledo 

Jose Toledo:  Jose is a transfer student from Santa Ana College. After he finished his associate degree in the fall of 2016, he transferred to CSUF and became an undergraduate math major with a concentration in statistics. He wants to pursue graduate studies and eventually become a professor. His research mentor is Dr. Jessica Jaynes. In his spare time he likes to listen to music and hangout with friends.


Class of 2016-2018

GRAM Dahdoul

Thabat Dahdoul:  Thabat primary interests are in biostatistics and computational biology.  She has completed REUs at different universities, such as Harvard and Duke. Furthermore, she has served as a tutor and Supplemental Instruction leader in the Department of Mathematics at CSUF.  She is currently working in GRAM under the mentorship of Dr. Kevin Nichols and Dr. Reza Ramezan. Also, Thabat hopes to advocate for social equity as she sees the importance of having allies for social justice advocates in the scientific field to address such issues. When asked about her motivation to pursue her goals, she says "being a minority myself, I want to be a role model that my younger self did not have." 


Christian Do:  Christian has a love of both mathematics and music, especially theoretical aspects of both.  In GRAM, he is conducting research in abstract algebra under the guidance of mathematician Dr. Adam Glesser, and he plans to attend graduate school and become a professor.  His interests include not only mathematics, but also the art of teaching and learning math, and his graduate studies may include some emphasis on mathematics education.  On the musical side, Christian enjoys percussion, and has some experience in both teaching and composing music.


Thi Ho:  Thi transferred to Cal State Fullerton from Santa Ana College in 2015, and she is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in mathematics, with an emphasis in statistics.  Ultimately, she aspires to attend graduate school and become a professor.  Her research in GRAM is under the mentorship of CSUF statistics professors Drs. Kevin Nichols and Reza Ramezan.  In her spare time, Thi enjoys reading and working on arts and crafts.

 GRAM Martinez

Gabriel Martinez: Gabriel earned as Associate of Science in Mathematics degree with Honors in December 2014, and then he transferred to Cal State Fullerton.  In addition to his classes, Gabriel has worked as a supplemental instruction leader for calculus, and he has also tutored K-12 students in Common Core mathematics. Inspired by Stephen Hawking, Gabriel is fascinated by many aspects of the mathematical world, including applied mathematics.  He is currently working under the GRAM mentorship of applied mathematician Dr. Laura Smith.

GRAM Nungaray 

Freddy Nungaray:  Freddy is pursuing his undergraduate degree in computational applied mathematics and has high aspirations for a future career either in academia or for an agency such as NASA or the CIA.  He also enjoys serving as a role model by assisting grade school children who are struggling to understand basic math.  He is working with Dr. Laura Smith in GRAM and aspires to pursue a graduate degree in applied mathematics.  He enjoys drawing landscapes and playing sports in his spare time.

GRAM Shade 

James Shade:  James is pursuing a double major in mathematics and computer science, and he is a President’s Scholar at CSUF.  He is a co-author of a research paper in geometry in the College Math Journal, and he aspires to continue his studies in pure mathematics and become a professor and mentor for others.  He already has ample formal experience as a tutor and as a role model for other students.  He is currently a GRAM Scholar working under the advisement of mathematician Dr. Adam Glesser.  James enjoys exploring mathematical patterns and is fascinated by such number-based games as Sudoku.  In his free time, James enjoys hiking and camping.


GRAM Assistant / Peer Mentor


Brian Jing:  Brian is a recent graduate from St. Olaf College with a B.A. in Chemistry. He is interested in serving underrepresented populations in the sciences, and he is volunteering with GRAM as an expression of that interest. Brian is a gifted communicator with many awards in debate tournaments through the years, and he is assisting our GRAM Scholars in their various writings, including personal statements, research and graduate applications, oral presentations, and more.


GRAM Assistant / Administration


Renee Bennett:  Renee is a staff member with many years of experience in the Math Department Office at Cal State Fullerton. She has graciously agreed to serve as a project assistant for GRAM, and her familiarity with the campus and its procedures and protocols has been invaluable. She has many roles for GRAM, including facilitator for travel arrangements for the GRAM students and administrators, organizer for GRAM campus events, leader for GRAM-related data acquisition, liaison between GRAM and related groups, and more.



Application for GRAM

Please submit this completed application form by: Monday, April 17, 2017 at 5:00 pm

The application form should be returned to: Math Department Office, MH-154

Or return via email to: or

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GRAM Contact Information

Further information about the program and application forms can be obtained from


Dr. Scott Annin, CSUF GRAM Program Co-Director

Department of Mathematics, MH-33C

California State University, Fullerton

Tel: (657) 278-7678



Dr. Anael Verdugo, CSUF GRAM Program Co-Director

Department of Mathematics, MH-104K

California State University, Fullerton

Tel: (657) 278-3670




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