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CSUF Math Club

Appreciate the beauty of all things real and imaginary, rational and irrational.

What does Math Club Do?

Math Club's main goal is to bring Math Majors together to have fun.  

They host events each semester including:

  • Pi Day
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Movie Night
  • Bowling Night
  • BBQ in the Park
  • Student Talks
  • 'Who Wants to be a Mathematician' Gameshow

An integral part of Math Club is welcoming students to the world of math by helping students obtain internships, research opportunities, and travel funds to conferences.

Meet our Math Club Officers:

From Left: Brian Vu, Lisa Mueller, Shiline Nguyen, and Derek Taylor

"Math Club is a great place to get better connected with the students and faculty of the Math Department.  Being invovled has really encouraged me to continue my math education, as has the support from our advisers.  The most unexpected thing about Math Club has been the opportunity to develop deep friendships that are not only helping me get through my undergrad, but also mean a lot outside of school."  - Adelina Kaye '13

"My favorite part of Math Club is studying together during finals week.  There's no other place I would rather be studying math with my friends.  That's what makes Math Club special."  - Member

"I love Math Club because after a long day of 'mathing' we just hang out and then math some more."  - Daniel Lenders '13

"Being a part of Math Club is an amazing experience!  Math Club is a place where the student community comes together with the faculty to create one big happy math family.  This is the place where you'll find the most dedicated students, the most helpful professors, and the most unique group of people you will meet in your entire life."  - Shannon Muramoto '10

"The environment is welcoming, the people are friendly, all the support you need is there!"  - Emily Kuper '12

The Math Club welcomes everyone with an interest in the field of Mathematics.  Join today!

How to Contact the Math Club:

Office: MH 33B

Phone: (657) 278-6735


Find them on Facebook!